We are committed to providing quality and affordable dental health care. You have multiple options for payment available. For your convenience we accept cash, money orders, participating insurance, major insurance, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

If you would like to extend payments over a longer period of time, we offer CareCredit. Click on the CareCredit logo for more information.

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Additional Financing Options

Total Fee Discount - For parents who wish to lower the overall cost of treatment, we offer a 5% discount if the full payment is paid the date of service, for family that is self pay with no dental insurance

Dental Insurance Co-payments - The total co-payment for treatment is due the date of the treatment appointment. The full fee remains the obligation of the parent or legal guardian. Please see our Dental Insurance Policy.

Care Credit - For families who wish to have extended payment options we offer the option of Care Credit, a healthcare financing program. This is a great program that provides short term interest free financing for healthcare expenses. Ask about Care Credit!

Lay Away Dentistry - For families who may not be able to prepay or use Care Credit, we offer the option of Lay Away Dentistry. Our office will accept pre-payments of any amount towards a treatment plan provided, the full fee due is paid by the date of service.

You will be asked which of these options you chose to accept prior to making an appointment for treatment.

We hope these options will help you obtain the dental care needed for your child. Please feel free to ask questions.



If you have dental insurance, we want to help you maximize your benefits. Please remember, your dental insurance is a contract between you, your employer and your insurance company. We have no control of the benefits covered or not covered by your plan.

As per the laws of the State of Texas, we allow 45 days for the insurance company to respond to your claim. You are responsible for any and all of the balance not covered by your specific plan after 45 days, in addition to your estimated portion for that visit.

As another service to you, we will gladly submit your claim and accept assignment of payment from your insurance company only if the parent/account guarantor understands and agrees to the following:

  • Parent/guarantor agrees to assign benefits directly to Dr. Iyer.
  • Parent/guarantor pays total estimated family balance due at time of treatment.
  • Parent/guarantor is fully responsible for total balance due our office after 45 days.
  • Parent/guarantor understands that all accounts not paid in full 60 days after date of service are turned over for collections by legal means.
  • Parent/guarantor signs an undated complaint letter addressed to the State Insurance Commission. In the event payment from the Insurance Company is not received in 30 days, this letter will be dated and sent from our office. Parent/guarantor will be notified that payment has not been received and are requested that they contact their insurance company personally regarding outstanding claim. Parent/guarantor will also be advised of total due from them at 45 days from the date of service.

We understand that unexpected dental bills can sometimes strain finances. If this happens, talk with us immediately by calling us at 940-691-5027. This will help keep the lines of communications open.

Contact Us with any questions: